A Letter to You from Goldfinch – Summer 2011

Goldfinch Family,

Goldfinch has recently lost and added some very precious components as a band. Choosing to move forward with the Goldfinch project was a difficult decision, one that I second-guessed at several turns. However, I have been amazed and energized by all the changes, both small and large. The refashioning of the Goldfinch lineup, has somehow managed to push the musical and artistic ceiling for Goldfinch far beyond what I ever expected.

The addition of Emily on cello and vocals has stretched our imagination and created a soundscape that is achingly beautiful. We’ve also welcomed Mikey on bass guitar. His work ethic, combined with his good-natured and well-mannered demeanor would make any southern mother proud. Luke Stevens has also been a much appreciated work-horse, filling in wherever needed and painstakingly engineering/producing our upcoming musical releases. The combination of all these new members/supporting cast has been like a balm of sorts for Goldfinch.

We will have some new recordings available soon. Look for Faded Explanations Vol. 1 in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s a list of our upcoming shows, click here for more details.
·  July 27th – Wenatchee – Caffé Mela
·  July 28th – Pullman, WA – Bell Tower
·  July 29th – Boise, ID – Neurolux
·  July 30th – Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
·  August 6th – Seattle, WA – Columbia City Theatre
·  August 9th – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios
·  August 10th – Tacoma, WA – House Show
·  August 11th – Doe Bay, WA – Doe Bay Festival
·  August 18th – Seattle, WA – Triple Door (Feist Cover Night)


We would love to have your support at these upcoming shows. It’s always great to see your beautiful faces… and the hugs and kisses are always much appreciated.


-Aaron Stevens, Goldfinch


PS – How do you like the new website?! and did you see the new photos?!

A little more from Emily, Luke and Mikey’s projects:

- Emily’s website
- Luke’s Solo Project
- Mikey’s Big Sur Project
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