Ta-Da! Goldfinch Releases New Music

Yay! We are so stoked & a little tired, too, BUT our two new songs have been shipped off through the internet to the talented T.W. Walsh to be mastered & then released on December 18th. “Vacant Lot” with the B side, “Elephant”, mark the first time we’ve actually recorded as a full band since our whole first album was Aaron & Grace + friends filling in on instruments. Listening to theses songs on repeat has... Read More

The Warehouse Presents: Goldfinch In Tacoma

One year ago we were honored to play Tacoma’s best underground music promoters’, The Warehouse, very first show along with San Francisco’s Birds & Batteries. The folks who run The Warehouse are truly special & are so dedicated to making & growing a music scene in this town that is good for touring & local bands and the folks who live here & want to see great music as well. We pretty much love them. This year we... Read More

The Goldfinch & MLK Ballet Company Collaboration

Way back in March (and again in June) we had the pleasure of performing a few of our songs alongside choreographed dancers as a part of  MLK Ballet’s MOVE! series. MLK Ballet is Tacoma’s only tuition-free dance school & they provide excellent classes for students of all incomes & levels. Basically, they are awesome & they occasionally collaborate with live musicians like us. All MOVE! series performances are fundraisers for... Read More

Goldfinch at the Can Can

bitchin’ poster by Faith Stevens and Grace Sullivan It’s true! Us and our good friends Pablo Trucker (SEA) and Drunken Prayer (PDX) playing that little underground absinthe riddled burlesque joint in the Pike Place Market. This is a recipe for both regrettable flirting and possibly drinking too much to stay off of the stage when we call your name. You know it might happen. The other big thing about this show is that it’s one of... Read More

Goldfinch: KUPS In-Studio Performance

We’re all set up to head over to KUPS 90.1 in Tacoma in a couple weeks to play some live music and engage in witty banter (with just the right amount of raunchiness, you know us). Rumor has it that our new song will be all polished up by then and ready to play. You can tune in on February 28th at 1 o’clock to hear us and, in the mean time, call (253) 879-3267 or send an instant message to KUPS DJ to request songs off of our record.  Read More

Goldfinch Collaborates with MLK Ballet

It’s true! We love MLK Ballet and their tuition-free dance classes. Several times a year they put on a weekend of performances and we’re honored that they’ve chosen two songs from the Goldfinch album (and one that’s never been played in public before!) to choreograph new dance pieces to. We’ll be playing live at each of these special performances in March and you’re invited to join us.  Read More

Goldfinch at the Comet, the Warehouse, and PORTLAND!

poster by Sean Alexander We’ve got a couple things in the works for the next few weeks that we’re oh so looking forward to. First, a weekend of shows in Seattle and Tacoma with our friends from Portland, Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives. These people are sweet and their live show is breathtaking. We’ve been hammering out a couple new covers songs which we are really excited to share with you all. Friday, January 22nd at... Read More

Goldfinch: New Year’s Eve In Tacoma

We’ll be playing a set after the Tacoma Round (#8, as you can see from the poster, the line-up is rad) to ring out the decade at Tacoma’s First Night festival down town. We’ll be inside in a warm, beautiful space called the 915 Broadway Stage. It’s kind of hidden. You’ll find us between the Pantages and Theater on the Square, right on Broadway. You take an elevator right off the street, up to the second floor. We’ll... Read More

Goldfinch in December

poster by Chloe Scheffe Happy December everybody! Remember this time last year when we were putting together our Christmas party at New Frontier in Tacoma? Remember the huge blizzard that night that we were so sure would scare you all away? Remember how all at once folks came sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and bussing down from the hill to join us till we had a nice sweaty bunch of friends to sing along with, eat cookies, and drink toddies? That... Read More

Goldfinch at The Tractor Tavern

Yes, it’s true. Us finches are heading up to the Tractor Tavern again to play a set along with Tacoma artist Vicci Martinez and her band. Last time played the Tractor it was a Tuesday night in the middle of that wretched heat wave night and you all showed up in force anyway. We can’t promise buckets of sweat or midnight ocean swimming this time, nevertheless, it’s going to a whole different kind of fun.  Read More

Goldfinch plays Motopony’s Cd Release in Tacoma

There’s lots of lovely handmade stuff in Tacoma. We like handmade stuff, and all of these bands have a special place in the collective hearts of the Finches. Motopony (featuring our friends, Daniel Blue and Josiah Sherman, who incidentally played keys on our record), Barton Carroll (who also played on our record), and Indian Valley Line (our good friends, tour sharers, and booking agency roster mates) are all teaming up to kick off one very... Read More

Goldfinch in September

Friends, Fans, Family, and Folks, We’re gearing up for one of our busiest months of shows! We’ve been burning the midnight oil, writing, rehearsing, and working over time to line up some really exciting stuff. We’re ready to play hard and unwind a little and we’d sure love to see your shining faces, share a conversation or a drink, and sing along with you. Here’s what we’ve got ahead of us: September 7th: House... Read More

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