Goldfinch at The Tractor Tavern

Yes, it’s true. Us finches are heading up to the Tractor Tavern again to play a set along with Tacoma artist Vicci Martinez and her band. Last time played the Tractor it was a Tuesday night in the middle of that wretched heat wave night and you all showed up in force anyway. We can’t promise buckets of sweat or midnight ocean swimming this time, nevertheless, it’s going to a whole different kind of fun.  Read More

Goldfinch plays Motopony’s Cd Release in Tacoma

There’s lots of lovely handmade stuff in Tacoma. We like handmade stuff, and all of these bands have a special place in the collective hearts of the Finches. Motopony (featuring our friends, Daniel Blue and Josiah Sherman, who incidentally played keys on our record), Barton Carroll (who also played on our record), and Indian Valley Line (our good friends, tour sharers, and booking agency roster mates) are all teaming up to kick off one very... Read More

Goldfinch in September

Friends, Fans, Family, and Folks, We’re gearing up for one of our busiest months of shows! We’ve been burning the midnight oil, writing, rehearsing, and working over time to line up some really exciting stuff. We’re ready to play hard and unwind a little and we’d sure love to see your shining faces, share a conversation or a drink, and sing along with you. Here’s what we’ve got ahead of us: September 7th: House... Read More

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