Video: “Beautiful Wine”

Beautiful Wine Video

“Beautiful Wine” Music + Lyrics by Aaron Stevens + Paul Hirschl performed by Goldfinch dance by Joel Myers (dancer) Lorraine Constantine (dancer) Faith Stevens presented by Broadway Center for the Performing Arts video by The Art Dept.

Dec 6th – RRRRadio!


Goldfinch is the featured artist on NWCZ Radio’s show, The Aquarium this week! Aaron and Emily’s interview and song set can be heard on Tuesday December 6th at 7pm or via podcast anytime after that! (Just click on the iTunes button on their homepage.) From the show’s website… “The Aquarium features weekly; the finest and most accomplished singers and songwriters from the Pacific Northwest. We will focus on getting to know the artists and what drives them to pursue the life of being a songwriter. Each week, we will bring other aspects to the listening audience such as education into what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive music industry, obscure facts about…

We’re in Portland on July 30th!


Our mini tour across the NW could not be going more wonderfully. Big thanks to Scott, Jenny, Darren and the rest of the Wenatchee music community. We hope to see you guys again really soon! Today we venture across WA to play a couple shows alongside the ever inspiring Sera Cahoone. Then it’s Portland for us! You can follow our adventures on twitter and Facebook. Click here for more show info…

Photos by Steven Hardin

photo by Steven Hardin -

The talented designer and photographer, Steven Hardin, captured us on film the other day. We have a favorite, can you guess which one it is? Take a look!              

“Vacant Lot / Elephant” Available Now

Vacant Lot_Elephant cover image

Our first single off of our next full length record (due out later this year) is now available to buy at Bandcamp. Happy listening & many, many thanks to everyone involved.

Ta-Da! Goldfinch Releases New Music

Dec 18th 2010

Yay! We are so stoked & a little tired, too, BUT our two new songs have been shipped off through the internet to the talented T.W. Walsh to be mastered & then released on December 18th. “Vacant Lot” with the B side, “Elephant”, mark the first time we’ve actually recorded as a full band since our whole first album was Aaron & Grace + friends filling in on instruments. Listening to theses songs on repeat has been stunning & we couldn’t be more excited to start off our series of single releases with them. Happy Winter to you all & come out to see us at our release show on December 18th at Columbia City…

The Warehouse Presents: Goldfinch In Tacoma


One year ago we were honored to play Tacoma’s best underground music promoters’, The Warehouse, very first show along with San Francisco’s Birds & Batteries. The folks who run The Warehouse are truly special & are so dedicated to making & growing a music scene in this town that is good for touring & local bands and the folks who live here & want to see great music as well. We pretty much love them. This year we get to play on the one year anniversary of this traveling troupe of show makers & it’s alongside some of our favorite Portland musicians, Drew Grow & The Pastors’ Wives & Kelli Schaefer. It’s Halloween, so come…

The Goldfinch & MLK Ballet Company Collaboration

Way back in March (and again in June) we had the pleasure of performing a few of our songs alongside choreographed dancers as a part of  MLK Ballet’s MOVE! series. MLK Ballet is Tacoma’s only tuition-free dance school & they provide excellent classes for students of all incomes & levels. Basically, they are awesome & they occasionally collaborate with live musicians like us. All MOVE! series performances are fundraisers for the school & we were glad to to be a part of it, even if it did mean working under greater pressure than usual to play our songs right. This is “Cosmonaut”, “Go Easy On Me” & “Yellow Wings”.

Goldfinch at the Triple Door with John Roderick

It’s hard to think of a better way to spend what will probably be another dark and rainy Thursday night than joining John Roderick of The Long Winters at one of our very favorite places to see music (and eat beef panang curry and drink ginger cocktails by candelight) in Seattle, The Triple Door. We’ve been invited to play with “John & Friends” and, as much as it’d be nice to stay home & watch a new episode of something that will show up on Hulu the next morning anyway, or mess around in the garage talking about exciting things like “band dynamics” & “tempos”, we’re going to hit the road for Seattle once again to…

To Bumbershoot And Beyond

We had the amazing privilege of performing at this years’ Bumbershoot Festival for The Seattle Round alongside our friends, Shenandoah Davis & Tomo Nakayama. For a little band from Tacoma this was just a downright pleasure and we were thrilled to see so many familiar faces on the throng. There’s nothing quite like looking up at the Space Needle mid-song and reflecting on how far we’ve come in a year. Riding around in a golf cart, having actual stage hands, and playing a festival with Bob Dylan are the musician equivalents of a trip to Disneyland! Special thanks to Nathan Marion, curator of The Seattle Round, and to all of you for voicing your desire…

Goldfinch at the Can Can

bitchin’ poster by Faith Stevens and Grace Sullivan It’s true! Us and our good friends Pablo Trucker (SEA) and Drunken Prayer (PDX) playing that little underground absinthe riddled burlesque joint in the Pike Place Market. This is a recipe for both regrettable flirting and possibly drinking too much to stay off of the stage when we call your name. You know it might happen. The other big thing about this show is that it’s one of two final Seattle performances we’re doing before taking our much needed writing & living break. Of course we want to go out with a bang with you beside us. Goldfinch at the Can Can, Thursday, May 27th, 9pm, $5!…

Goldfinch Plays The Seattle Round #58

What is The Round? 3 songwriters share the stage, slam poets, live painters… audience sits in rapt attention. It’s definitely not your normal concert. The Round takes place regularly in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland & Austin. We are glad to join Jake Hemming & Steve Norman (Big Sur), Ian McFeron, and slam poet Jodie Knowles at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center for The Seattle Round #58. Two expert potters (Eric Newman and Mark Strom) will turn lowly lumps of clay into a variety of vases and bowls right before your eyes. Tuesday, March 9th @ Fremont Abbey Arts Center, 4272 fremont ave north, seattle 8-10pm  /  7:30 doors $7 advance / $10 door all-ages /  pg13 Info:…

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