Dec 6th – RRRRadio!

Goldfinch is the featured artist on NWCZ Radio’s show, The Aquarium this week! Aaron and Emily’s interview and song set can be heard on Tuesday December 6th at 7pm or via podcast anytime after that! (Just click on the iTunes button on their homepage.)

From the show’s website… “The Aquarium features weekly; the finest and most accomplished singers and songwriters from the Pacific Northwest. We will focus on getting to know the artists and what drives them to pursue the life of being a songwriter. Each week, we will bring other aspects to the listening audience such as education into what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive music industry, obscure facts about popular artists and a sense of humor and entertainment that only artists can identify with but everyone will enjoy. In the end, we all love music…we want to create a holistic picture of what it is like from the artists perspective.”

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